The designer was sleeping? User Experience Design continue...

Nowdays i have been a little lazy or i should say got busy in other works that consumed most of my energies.I see that a person has only 24 hours a day and its not possible to be all the things in life, a focus is required.
Well now the questions comes to the fact where was my focus, of course it was on design and helping clients achieve more using less. In this span i had helped many clients overcome business issues, hey i cant tell their names but i can mention few things.

The stills so far was.

  1. Visiting a college and helping them to use technology at its best. Create branding plan for the school.
  2. A business came for a branding online, guided them with technology
  3. Online sales for an e-commerce company, gave consulting tips and new design for their portal
  4. A new online resume/portal was made
  5. An Australian university needs revamping of their portal, analysis for competitive values with its market captures was done and delivered
  6. A dating site was launched

  7. Service industry in UAE asked for a branding work, it was done with pleasure and satisfactions
  8. An online social media search engine was created
I feel it has to be changed to some other creative idea, let me rethink this as i believe always play the game that shows results in first shot. There is no sustainability to play it without returns as we are not corporate mammoths to run the show for long, as of now.

So these activities kept me engrossed so i could not post regularly, I will be writing some new posts on usability and user experience design, specifically how things are moving in bangalore, INDIA.

Please write to me if you are looking for any specific help in user experience design.

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