Usability testing and War

We all have heard about WWII, most of you must have seen many movies about it. The movies are a close view of what actually happened, but it can not be the exact thing, the exact emotions that happens. We can extrapolate it to usability testing in user experience design. We may be able to build the exact situations in the lab but still it is not the exact situation. Good food for thought.

These pics i had collected long back and they are so touching i thought to share with the world. It is true we cannot actually create the real WW2 in movies. I appreciate the film makers to educate us on these topics, and personally i have seen many movies on war. Well the fact is I love them, i drew a conclusion form them that i have already made bold in the above paragraph.

7 golden rules on how to sketch wireframes

After creating sketches and wire frames for multiple projects, I felt let us try to recollect what I have learned so far. The best thing I can
saw that most of stakeholders are blind to wireframes and sketches. They come up in the meeting with an idea that they are going to get some colorful and flashy.

Now how to overcome such a situation, the best part is to make the expectations clear. Before staring the work prepares a present explain what they will get in from the association.

See the presentation that I had created for Universal Music group ( stakeholders to make their expectations clear.

Tips for sketching

1. Use less lines

The less lines you use the better it becomes to explain the concept. More lines create clutter and confusion.

2. Use thick lines outside the main boxes and points of stress. Using thicker lines make the design clean and visually pleasing

3. Render the borders to give the computer sleek looks

4. Avoid too much detailing of elements – such as minimize, maximize buttons

5. Scan the sketches and send via e-mail. Most stakeholders would love to see something in e-mail. They can easily share it with their teams and seek their views on it.

6. Sketch in batches – don’t ever sketch the complete software in one go. First sketch the home page of the software. If you get a green flag go ahead and sketch more. Otherwise you need to again sketch from scratch if your home page design got rejected.

7. Focus on the element on hand – do not sketch the outside section again and again.

These are the 7 golden rules that will make your sketch stand out and get a good name.

How not to promote yourself

Best definition of BRAND ever

Difference between Talent and Labor

I read this presentation on slide share. Was amazed to hear the difference. Sharign with all of you.

The complete link is

A form that is not friendly

I saw a form that is not friendly in terms of legibility. This form was for, see the image below

When the user enter the text in the form fields you can not read the text that you are typing.

Hope these guys can change it.

The website on which the form is available is