How the dream came true?

I was in US working for Universal Music Group for their exciting video portal site.Guess the name V...E... yes you are right Vevo.I met the Vevo team, they were energetic and globally located.Team consists of people from US,UK, Japan etc. It was exciting to go to office each day and meet the young talent.

My responsibility was to provide a good user experience to the portal by consulting and expert advice.The show went well, i reached in my hotel Candlewood suites in New Jersy.I checked my e-mail and saw an e-mail from Unisys HR, offering me a Job in India, Bangalore as Program Manager for End User Services practice.

Wow, in an e-mail the dream came true and after few days I came to Bangalore.Yes the Vevo project went well, and my assignment with them got over and i travelled back to India.

So in this way i entered in Program Management, :-) well i have extensive experience in User Experience Design and software product design so it helped me get this job.Prior i had travelled abroad on multiple assignments. My blog on User Experience Design & usability

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