LinkedIn - really bugs me every time

LinkedIn makes me sad sometimes. And i cannot help it. Can we all discuss this new screen on LinkedIn.

Have you noticed the screen that appears every time we login to LinkedIn.
It asks to enter the image text in the verification boxes. The SPAM control mechanism.

I guess this is for user authentication.
I don't see a need for this - well i see a need, if that is the case then all accounts should ask the same.

Can there be another way around this? Please suggest.

Top influencers of this Week - I am surprised

Today i was looking at my LinkedIn account. I am a group member on USER EXPERIENCE a prominent group on LinkedIn. I own other UX groups too, with around 200-300 memebrs. My other UX groups on LinkedIn are
1. Expert UX Consultants
2. User Experience Practitioners

Well thank you for the listing in Top influencers on LinkedIn. I appreciate all the support from other UX Consultants in the process.