Tools to create e-Commerce on your site

Is e-commerce a costly affair to implement on your site. I thought that it will be a costly affair however it is not. The solution i am suggesting can be used by small sites for individual products and services online.

The solution can be used by 

1. Artists 

2. Designers 

3. Painters 

4. Consultants 

Ok let me tell the solution, it is PayPal. Let me help you how to use it.

Step 1: First go to the paypal site.

There you need to create an account. 

Step 2:Add the bank account to the account. This process is simple, you need to provide your bank account. Paypal will deposit some money in your account. You need to login in your account and enter the deposited amount in paypal site.

Step 3: Click on Merchant services in paypal. Under key features you can find “Paypal shopping cart”, click on it.


Step 4: The page will take you to create a paypal button.On this page you have to work upon 3 steps, they are below


Step 5: Work on step 1

image .  

Step 6: Work on step 2


Step 7: Work on the final step 3


Step 8: Insert the Button code in the shopping page. Your buyers can pay via credit card or with their paypal accounts. If you face any issue please write an e-mail to me.

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