Stop card eating by ATMs - JOIN US to make a change ?

I had the previliege to transact with multiple ATMs machine in different countries. I have done transactions in UK, USA, France and INDIA. I can say all the ATM machines are not equal. Some of them is so bad that you may land in trouble.

In India i transact with ICICI bank, SBI bank, Citi bank & HDFC bank. In UK i was with CITI bank & same in US too.

Now let me highlight why i hate few of these atms. I agree there are millions of users who feel the same.

I am starting a movement to request banks across the world to change the basic design of their ATMs. Join this page for change.


Type 1 : Few ATM machines have slots that needs to accept the cards inside. Once you put the card in the slot, the machine takes the card inside. It reads the card in and after transaction it pops up the card out.


Type 2: In this type of ATM, we need to insert the card in the slot and pull it out.The machine does not take the card in. Basically it is a swipe, that the user does when he puts the card in the slot and pulls it out.


Type 1 machine should be removed out. I like type 2 machines as there is no chance that your card will be eaten by the ATM. Show your support to the above idea and need.It is a user need and Banks must listen to it.

Join this page and create awareness – it may help you and in a critical situation when your Cab driver is waiting for the payment and you are doing a transaction.At this time it would be hell if your card is eaten by the ATM.This situation was suggested by my close friend Sankar while having dinner & beer. :-)

Join it, it will change life.

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