Essential Tabs in excel Reports

In my job, there are multiple calls weekly with the stakeholders. The most common agenda in the con calls are report discussion and various tasks progress. I have been looking at different excel reports, and i can sense the reports are extracted from huge bigger excel sheets with a lot of raw data.

The whole idea of this blog, it to make you aware that in any report you send to the customer there should be these 3 tabs in the excel, without which you will make the report less impactful. One more important thing it to include the name of the parameters in X & Y axis. The report should be easy to understand by its audience.


The key tabs, that are essential are

Tab 1. Methodology - this tab should have the assumption/hypothesis along with the step by step description of the steps that were taken to generate the report.

Tab 2. Findings -this excel tab should have the Findings and Inference of the report. A good suggestive graphs should be there to make the audience understand the reports.

Tab 3. Comparison - this tab should show the actual numbers that were used to generate the graphs.

I hope that these 3 tabs you will always include in your reports.
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