Transfer blogspot to wordpress blog

I saw many instances where bloggers are taking their own domain and they want to move their blogs. Most of the time i have seen they prefer wordpress blog as the platform, as Blogspot does not allow to host it on as easy as Wordpress. The common trend is that blogger prefer Wordpress for hosting. I am aware and has highlighted in earlier post that the learning curve of Wordpress is longer than blogspot.

Ok now let us try to move blogspot to your own domain. Please follow the below steps as mentioned below.


Step 1:Login to blogger account. Go to settings section. There you will find Blog tools, under blog tools you will have the below options

  • Import blog

  • Export blog

  • Delete blog

Summary:Login > Dashboard > Settings > Basic > Blog tools

Step 2:Click on Export blog, this will take you to download blog page. Click on download blog button. This will ask you to save the blog as a .XML file. Save the file xml on the desktop.

Step 3:Login to Wordpress account where you want to transfer the blogspot blog. Go to dashboard, under dashboard you will find Tools. You will have to move to the Tools > Import > Blogger – Import posts, section.

Now upload the .xml blogger file that you had downloaded earlier. The import blogger tool will take care of the steps and give you options to choose from. You have to give authorization to do it by entering the password of your account. Once step 3 is done you are good to go.

Step 4: Enjoy :-)

Is that simple or not. This is one of the shortest methods by which you can transfer blogspot to wordpress.

There is another method that is a little time consuming, this you can use if the number of posts on blogspot is few. See how this can be done, but note you can not completely delete the blogspot.

Step 1: Login to blogspot

Step 2: Copy the HTML code of the post one by one and paste in the wordpress post HTML editor. By doing this you need not have to reuplaod the images as wordpress will fetch the images from blogspot.

Limitation: If there are imgaes in your posts it become little difficult as the images that you will see on wordpress are actually from blogspot.

You can choose what ever method that is convenient for you.
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