Optimalsort & information architecture design – The IA of Optimal sort is questionable


What are you gone crazy? the information architecture of Optimal sort is questionable, as per my view the IA is good but it has missed a major chunk that is critical for the repeated users.

Let me explain it, I was in UK for a UX project for BSI-British Standards Institute. We planned to conduct a card sorting, the best choice we felt is optimal sort and i going forward created an account for optimal sort.

I remember my user id and password for optimalsort website. Now after 6 months when i came to the optimal sort website there is no link that will take me to the login page.

User Login section is missing on the home page

It says sign up but there is no login section

imageimage The major sections of the website is

Tour | What is it? | Sign Up | About us | Blog  

But where is the login section? This can be resolved by including a link that says, login here.

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