How to plan user survey?

Conducting survey can be a big challange if it is not planned and well defined methodlogy is followed.There are many ways to collect data from the users, which can be used for research and come up with better ways to make good products and value add to the services.

Some common methods are with the average costs

MethodCost ($)
Focus group2000-3000
User interviews50 per user

The methodology that we can follow are illustrated in the below table.



Survey Methodology to use

Major steps Tasks
Design MethodologyGoal clarification
 Overall study design
Determine feasibilityInfrastructure analysis
Develop instrumentsCover letter design
 Pre-notification design
 Questionnaire design
 Gentle reminder design
Select sampleSelecting the sample
Conduct pilot testSending pre-notification
 Conduct pilot test
Revise instrumentsRevise questionnaire
Conduct researchSend Questionnaire
 Attempts to get non-respondents
 Collecting responses
Analyze DataEditing the data and
coding open-ended questions
 Analyzing the data
Report preparationPreparing the report
Report presentationSending the report
 Walkthrough of the report

I hope the above table will help you to scope the work and plan a good survey.
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