Blogger or Wordpress?

Blogging platforms, i am sure you must have heard about them. I am going to take example of 2 most famous blogging platform and do a interface analysis focusing on the task completion. I looked at Blogger and Wordpress and have used both of them for writing blogs, however i think when it comes to writing blogs and understand each section, Word press had done a better job.

Good points about wordpress.

1. Collapsible sections: The global navigation is on the left hand side and each section can be expanded by a click, the user can easily find out the section he is looking for, without refreshing the contents in the work area.

2. Robust editor:Wordpress editor is robust as there are multiple options like paste from word, paste from text, image editing, add video etc.

3. Typing area:Toggle full screen mode expands the type pad and you can get a lot of space to type the content. In blogger this flexibility is not so prominent.

4. Categorize posts:There is option to post the blog in a particular category.

5. Plug-ins: Multiple plug ins are available that can make the blog look better and work better. The features in wordpress gives more room for experimenting and fits the need of the user's who want their blogs to be distinct and unique.

HyenaLabs - Blogger-Wordpress


Good points about Blogger

1. Simple:Blogger is very simple to use as there is progressive disclosure in the menu display. The user is not bombarded with all the content. It helps in learn-ability.

2. Visual elements:The layout of the blog can be altered based on visual cues and each section is displayed in an intuitive manner.

3. Content organization: The content is well organized in blogger.

I have given these points on a very high level and focused on the major task completion.If i had to see the biggest hurdle in wordpress is ... it is little difficult to learn. The learning curve is bigger in wordpress.

I had a friend who took quite amount of time to master it, and i also took some time to understand it fully.

Which one to choose

If you are looking for long term good results, its great to choose wordpress, although the learning curve is longer. The plug ins and the huge user base on Wordpress can help you in a bigger way. I am giving these suggestions based on my experience. Later if you want to create your own site you can easily host wordpress as compared to blogger.
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