SAS - Software as a Service - User hesitation

I very well agree that SAS - software as a service will be the next big thing, however when it comes to their use, why some designers act dumb is my question. This idea popped out of my critical mind once i tried to create an account on Mint allows the user to manage their finances and daily budgets, it gives him good options to check out deals and best buys.

The account is free, the ROI model for mint is - they get the profit from the advertisers who are trying to sell deals on mint.

Why i did not moved future with mint.
  • Security is my concern, mint is a financial planning site, do they need to collect financial data by hacking to your bank account transactions. i don't think so.

  • I logged in and a pop up came asking me my bank, my account number, my password etc.Give me a break ....

  • Come on guys--- the flow is ok, but not so encouraging.

The numbers for financial planning and budgeting is based on
1. How much money your account have
2. How much assets
3. How much liability
4. Source of income etc

i think these details can be added in the software instead of the software linking to your bank account and just fetching out data. Why to open another hole in the water tank when there are increasing concern about online banking security.

Please feel free to add your thoughts on the same. Do we need to change the task flow or do we have to share the banking secrets to the software just for the sake of budgeting.
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