My achievements in UX design

As I am working in User Experience design and usability engineering, i am just trying to look back and see what i did best. I am happy to say that some things got derailed on some instances but finally i made it and things were on track.

Good job done :-)

I am trying to look back by recollecting who were the clients and what i had worked in.(I cant’s disclose more details – NDA)

I am sure i forgot some of them which i will refer to my resume and update

Let us go in a backward cycle

In 2009

Client WorkDomain What i worked on?

Universal Music Group

Music and entertainment VEVO – usability testing

IT software Complete Software design

BSI-British standards institute
Standards, management systems, business improvement etc Enterprise software design, UX workshops

Pepsi Co.
Food and beverages Wireframes

Online commerce Task flow & form design

Mobile apps
Mobile apps3 different mobile application design

Kotak bank
Banking UX evaluations

Employee portal
Software and IT Employee portal design

Dashboard design
Software and ITDashboard Software design

In 2008

Client WorkDomain What i worked on? – Australia
Retail UX evaluation of Target

Tyco thermal
Thermal Web analytics analysis

Walt Disney
Entertainment Wireframes

Lan airlines
Airlines UX evaluations

Mexicana airlines
Airlines UX evaluations

Trading Design suggestions

In 2007

Client WorkDomain What i worked on?

India times

Usability testing

Software Design

Citi bank

Product manager

Software Design

Usability Testing

UX evaluations

In 2006 & 2005

Client WorkDomain What i worked on?

General Electric
GE – you know what they do

Software design
Usability testing

UX consulting

State bank of India
Banking UX evaluations
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