Comment box design

In the world of web 2.0 comment box can be of great help. The reason behind that is every comment, every view is important as people are the creators of content.

The comment box should have the below UI elements

1. Word count: A word count will help the users know how much they can type in and what is the current word counts. It boosts user awareness and control.

2. Full view: Make the comment box fluid, so as the user types the text the box expands and provides the user with complete view of his inputted text.

3.Icon: The icon of the user, if dispalyed in his comments give more anchors

Now let us see how we can do this



. Size of box: The size of the comment box can be predefined so it accommodates the text in one visual.

.Fluid comment box: This can be done my making the box fluid vertically. Only the bottom of the box can be expanded. The user can expand the content box by dragging it.The box should not be of fixed size, it hould be fluid.

. Spell check: Auto spell check is a god option to provide.

More: We can also provide editors, font selections, image upload etc, however this depends on the extend of use of the comment box. It is a business decision based on the type of industry.

Creativity has no end, but please don’t forgot usability and UX.
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