Social media - where we are going

Today social media, is kool to indulge in but we can say that we are going to a place where we can have 150 friends and connections and when the time comes no one will lend you a $ 100 dollar bill.

It is a fact, but it will need more drill down and sync in. Let me explain it to you.You will have a twitter account and there are 200 people who follow you, but that does not mean they love you or they will help you. They follow you because you tweet some porn jokes every 1 hour or some other thing.

So what is the solution for this, i am not a sage to tell you the answer right now, but i say that there are ways in which social media should touch the human stuff of real connection.

You may have a linkedin connection in town, but are you willing to hang out for coffe this week end.The answer is no. Think about this aspect of social media and you will be astonished to some extent.

Let us try to create a better world by making social media more touching. You can not consider yourself better because you have more friends or more connections online. It depends on are you really connected to the people.
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