How to do task analysis?

What is task analysis?
Task analysis is performed for critical tasks that determines the fate of the web application.For example in an Airline website the critical tasks would be
- Search for flights based on price,timings,special offers & destinations.
- Airline ticket buying
- Finding Help & support

Each task is given to users & there behaviour,actions,system responses are evaluated.Mostly the person performing the task analysis accompanies the user while he or she is performing the task.

hyenalabs-task analysisUser details & background
Name: Sanjay Age:25Gender: male
Education Qualification: B.E
Competency Level: Expert
userOccupation/Work: User Experience Consultant
Objective to visit the site: Book a flight ticket
Problem Faced by Sanjay while performing the task: He did not know that on fare offered dates the tickets are already sold out He is not able to return to the booking page after selecting the seat.He is not able to figure out at what step is he inHe is not sure for which flight the tickets he has chosen for the TO journeyHe is also not sure about the seats for which he has chosen the ticket
Task result: Successful in completing the task There return tickets on the selected dates were sold out so he could not book the ticket.
Step by step description of task perfomed with system responses(In a flow chart)
Step1: User enters the login ID, password in the form & clicks on submit button
System response 1: The personal page is displayed with a welcome message stating the user name.
In this way the whole process is depicted on the single slide.
Multiple slide task analysis presentation
In multiple method screen shots of user steps & system responses are taken. Each screen shot is illustrated with the following details.
Page name: NYSE login page
Click no: 1
Refresh no:1
Activity: User types the URL in the browser ,he is looking for the login section. He easily finds it ,enters his credentials & clicks on Login Button.
System response: The page refreshes & the user is taken to the user home page.
Observation: User is interested to view the dividends on the home page.
Last but not the least
Finally in the end summary of observations & recommendations to improve the task will follow as shown below.

Design of the task analysis form?
After determining the tasks to be analyzed, a form is prepared to be filled by users who are going to perform tasks.A typical form will have an introduction,description of the tasks to be performed,user form,user notes,user feedback & disclaimer.
Task performance by users.
The users are given the task analyis form, they fill there details & continue with the task assigned.The expert who is perfoming the task analysis accompanies the user & notes down the user actions, the time he took to complete the tasks etc.

Presentation of the analysis.
The task analysis can be presented beautifully in the form of presenation.There are two ways to present it.
Single slide task analysis presentation
Multiple slide task analysis presenation

Single slide task analysis presenation
The complete task analysis is shown in one slide is the ground rule.This type of presentation we go when we are intrested to have a small presentation & the task is not so complicated.The slide will have the followings elements.




Observations & recommendations
1.It took 4 clicks for the user to accomplish his task.
2.Select period scroll bar is an intuitive feature in the application.
3.The Information Architecture of the application is user friendly so User does not face any major problem in completing his task.
4.Visual graphs to display the dividends data helps User to easily analyze the data & make decisions.
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