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I just got an opportunity to visit dell customer care website as i recentely moved from UK to India. I was there in UK for about 4 months on a UX consulting project for BSI- british standards institute. On the last day i bought a laptop and that was DELL inspiron, as it is a good deal. hyenalabs-dell

The laptop served well to me as long as i keep it stressed by working a lot on it. Few months back i went to US for Universal music group project. It was a short assignment of 1 month. I kept my love - my laptop at home and when i came back my love's key board is not working.Only few keys are not working. Can you guess the keys ... space bar, del, w etc.
I drove to the dell service center in bangalore to look into it. I was willing to pay the price for the replacemnet but DELL is DELL, the executive is pointing at me that i may have stolen the laptop and brought it here so first i have to do a TAG transfer here

I filled the details and kept waiting for 1 week and i got a reply after 1 week that i have filled some form details wrong. Does it take a reputed company to check a form that some details are filled wrong. If the service tag number is so important then why the applicaiton is not able to track where the laptop is bought from.

The issues i found on the form are

1. Action button : the action button "Submit" is tagged to "enter" key. If by mistake you press enter key the form goes for submission. I agree enter key should be tagged to submit key, but here we have a comment box, before the submit button. Think once will you press enter key while entering a paragraph or not.

2. Multiple submissions: The form can be submitted multiple times, and each time it will give you a success message, as a UX architect i get the push and shock when such things happens on reputed websites such as Dell.

3. So many service tags: There are multiple text boxes for service tags, i have no clue what service tags are they looking for. Is the form designed to delay the serivce offered to the customer.

4. Playing monopoly: The representaticves at the Dell service center were acting as they are the only one who can fix the problem and there is no other way to get this thing straight. I felt so bad and moved and thought even after paying a huge amount, and willing to pay more for the service why Dell is not able to help.

5. Customer centric: The service at the banglaore dell service center is not at all customer centric.

1. Make the form small and tag necessary details to 1 service tag number
2. Please do not try to adopt monopoly attitude
3. Faster response to the forms submissions.
I pray to GOD that things improve and i get my laptop working fine. I wrote this blog as there are other people who are accessing the Dell website and they should get there work done faster and easy. Hope DELL representaive reaches this blog and take appropriate actions.

Next blog will be about the indian banks and what they are doing WRONG and how it is affecting there business in the long run. See you soon reading the new blog.
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