Morae - 10 Steps to Morae Usability Testing

Morae is a tool that has made its place in the Usability Testing space in a short period of time. It is a combination of three software’s. In the early days the users interactions with the system is recorded with a camera and it was analyzed for the usability tests results.However, the advance of software’s has made a big leap in Usability testing. This software’s can do the following kool things.

Kool 1: Once installed on the users system they record user’s actions and even differentiate the users mouse clicks. The left hand click will be displayed in a different color with a circle around it & the right hand click will be shown in another color.
Kool 2: The software will generate evaluative graphs that can be used by the analyst to come to issue conclusions by him.
Kool 3: The analyst can observe the users action on a separate screen by installing the Observer on his system. There will be delay of some seconds in the broad casting of the videos.
Kool 4: The analyst can manage the usability tests & projects generate graphs & reports in the Manager module.

1. Morae Recorder: This exe file is software that is installed on the user’s machine on which the user will take the tests.
2. Morae Observer: Installed on the analyst machine to view the user’s action.
3. Morae Manger: Used to manage different projects & generate the usability reports.
10 Simple steps to work with Morae.
Step 1 : Download the software
You can download the software from Morae website
Step 2: Install the software on your machine. There will be three exe files. Install them one after the other.
Step 3: Install the Recorder software on the user’s machine (If you want to have a separate machine for the user and want to view the users actions at the same time.
Step 4: Check the connection of the system. See that the computers are connected via a LAN network or through internet.
Step 5: Run the recorder software on the users machine. You will get the below screen. Click on the red button to start recording. To run the application click on the red button present on the right hand top corner.

Step 6: Let the user work on the system. Run the Observer application on your machine. Enter the ip address of the users system to connect to it in the pop up window. Once you are connected you can see the users actions right here on your machine.

Step 7: After the recording is done. Visit the user’s machine & click on to stop the recording. You can stop the recording by right clicking on the right hand panel icon. Once the recording is stopped Morae Recorder will prompt you to save the file that will be a .rdg file in the local machine. Save the recorded file on the users machine.
Step 8: Once you come & see in your machine, Morae Observer will ask you to save the file in a video format on the machine. Save the file in the video format.
Step 9: Open Morae Manager on your system. Create a new project. Import the .rdg files & the video files and start playing with the reports.

Step 10: Generate reports using Morae manager & impress the clients. Get your usability test done with a Big check from the client.
For more information & DEMO VIDEOS , visit the link below
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