Columbus sails in Navigation schemes

Navigation helps the users to find the information easily,with ease & visit different sections of the application. The conventional style of navigation is common, however there are quite new experiments that people are doing. They are willing to experiment like Columbus sailing in unknown directions, most often confident of finding the land. Let us see some of the new experiments in navigation.

Vertical columns: Taking a vertical look in the navigation is OK,however the usability of the navigation huts here

    Large typography: The big text is intuitive in some way or the other making a good impact on the user's mind.

    Horizontal sliding steps: See the horizontal boxes moves left & right depending on the mouse actions.It is a good way for navigational aid.

    Mid page horizontal: The complete global navigation is placed in the center of the page.The top section above the navigation is used for add section effectively.

Unconventional pictorial: Use of new icons to reflect the different sections of the web page is good here.It is always not better to use the same conventional images.

    Dining table: This food company is using the concept of dining table to suggest co related navigation to the users.

Hide icon: Only one icon will be displayed at one time, it is a new pattern effectively used in this site.

Directions: See the navigation is able to navigate in all possible directions.This is a surprise navigation which should be avoided if the site is focused on task completion.

Sound effects: The mouse actions on the navigational links produces different sounds.You can play good music here by coordinated mouse actions.

The experimental work done in navigational schemes is good above,This type of navigation can be used to very specific sites like design,architecture etc with good amount of usability.A balance in creativity & usability will lead to great experimental navigation schemes for the applications.

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