Where to apply web analytics effectively?

Web analytics defined
Web analytics refers to the collection, analysis and reporting of Web site usage byvisitors. The information helps site managers better understand the effectivenessof their online initiatives and helps them optimize their Web site.
While traditional Web analytics have concentrated their analysis on clickstream behavior of users — page by page or sequential navigation of Website visitors. These type of anlaysis leads to a huge raw data to be assimiliated & analyzed so now technocrats are focussing on business reporting. Examples of such reports include marketing campaign analysis, ROI measurement,process analysis and more.
Four site types where webanalytics can be effectively applied.
Usually the below four site types can be used for generation of webanalytics business reporting.
  1. e-commerce: These sites are used to sell products online through online e-commerce engine.Example of such sites include amazon.com, walmart, target.com etc.The deceding factor in these sites is number of sales comleted sucessfully.
  2. Lead generation: These sites are used to capture the contact details of customers so they can be followed by the sales force team for selling.Example of such sites include sun life insurance,new your life etc.The deciding criteria for these sites are lead capture & form submits.
  3. Content site: These site are based on the advertising business model.Some of the sites doing well in this area are bbc news, fox entertainment, msn etc. The sucess of these sites rely on the returning visits made by the users.The goal is to keep the visitors comming back so they need to refresh the content @ appropriate rates for the site to be successful.
  4. Support or self service: These sites are developed to reduce the loading & cut costs in terms of customer service representatives. These sites provides customers with the ability to find answers to their products queries.The success of these sites depend on providing answers for product queries.

Webanalytics adoption curve

Content or media sites enjoy the highest adoption level because many vendors have been able to provide specific metrics to them early on. Curve portrayed by Geoffrey Moore’s "Crossing the Chasm." notice that the content sites enjoy the highest adoption of Web analytics, followed
by commerce, lead generation and self service models.

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