Online retail today & User Experience(UX)

As web2.0 has come up & grown with ajaxifican of web applications + much more, we can say online retail now, has to abide the fundamentals of User experience.Businesses now can not neglect user experience in online retail.Let me take you to a quick facts & figures.
What is wrong with e-commerce experience today?
The online user has to suffer by-
>> Badly designed web sites
>> Web sites that don’t function properly
>> Insufficient and/or out-of-date information
>> Companies that are trying to hide
>> Badly designed or non-existent processes
>> Bad task flows & unnesesary workflows

What does online retail customers expect now?

Customers expectations have skyrocketed now in online retail & businesses who are not able to cater their needs are slowly moving out of business.

  1. Fully functional websites with up to date content
  2. Web sites designed to address the needs of users
  3. Easy search of products & information
  4. Clear explanation of can do & can't do tasks on the site
  5. A coherent user experience

Recommendations for online retail business

  1. Use scenario design and personas to optimize the effectiveness of your online presence
  2. Make only promises that you can keep
  3. Competetive pricing & search
  4. Use RIA rich internet applications to improve user experience
  5. Prompt customer service & resolutions
  6. Community building efforts
  7. Marketing & promotions by intutive channels like viral videos, CPC-cost per click,link exchange,google ads etc
  8. Easy task flows & work flows
  9. Security of user information shown upfront
  10. Accessible websites
  11. SEO - make the site search engine optimized as research shows - 65% of users reach sites through search engines.
  12. Proper branding focus - try to build a online brand for unique quality & service

In this way we can say that online retail is moving faster than expected long back.Need is to take this as an opportunity for making great User Experience applications.

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