How to make quick UX project plan

Making a project plan used to make even experienced people in IT industry a little uncomfortable.However manking the project plan is not so complicated if you focus on the basics of the project elements.The major elements/ingredients of making a good project plan is
Bird eye view of the projects tasks to be carried on diffrent dates
WBS - Work break up structure
Roles & deliverables

First Step: Divide & Conquer strategy, Have a clear picture about the project.Divide the complete project in diffrent phases if possible.Each phase is now broken down into diffrent activities.If it is possible to break activites into sub activities then do so. Now map the complete chunk of phases to the diffrent dates, map the sub sections to the date available for the phases.Dates can clash as multiple phases can be worked upon by diffrent teams or same teams.
Second Step: Now the main works start-WBS work break down structure. The project is already broken down into phases & phases are broken down into activities.Map the activites to its respective number of resources, type of resource, Man days(Efforts in days).The project specific deliverables can also be shown in the same row of each activity to avoid discrepency in the project plan.
After following second step, We can map WBS as shown below.
Third & Final Step: Finally prepare a Team description stating the name, role in the project & the responsiblites for completion of the project.
In this way a UX project plan can be easily made, however it can be used for any project. In case you have any doubts & need clarification please mail me:
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