How to conduct In person sessions for making branding choices?

The branding choices is made by conducting in person sessions with targeted users & asking then revealing questions.Asking right questions will give perfect answers leading to exact mindset of users reflecting branding choices.In general users are provided with VSD(visual designs) of the diffrent branding,then in person sessions are conducted.Let us see how we can go forward.

Step one: Define goal & objectives of the session
>> Goal - evaluate users perception about the brand,select one of the vsd to be taken forward for the final design.Gather brand requirements from users needs.
>> Objectives - find brand first impressions & which key attributes lead to most positive & negative impressions.
- Assess users first impressions of the brand
- Assess users perceptions of most valuable & least valuable things in branding
- Asses users reactions towards the site in terms of trust,credibility & fulfilling objectivity
- Assess users first impressions of the design
- Assess users reaction to unwanted stuff in the design
- Assess users branding vsd prefrences

Step two: Methods to use
Define personas

Age: 25+Ethnicity: cross section representative of INDIA
Average Income: Rs.15000/
Have visited a home finance site in the past 12 monthsTransact financial services online
Screen at least 10 users form the targeted users.It will be appropriate if users are form the same geographical area for which branding is focused.Conduct face to face sessions seperately with the users.Time for one face to face session should be around 30min.

Step three: First impressions
>> What were participant's first impression.From the face to face sessions pull out the first impressions.

Step four: Prefrenceswhich is the selected Branding vsd.
>> The vsd which were chosen by most of the users will win here, highlight why users rejected the vsd & why they favoured the selected vsd.

Step five: Most value
>> What did participants percieve most value to them like the and,layout,colors used,emphasis on some features or any content topics.

Step six: Least value
>> What is least value to participants.

Step seven: Trust
>> Did they feel that they can trust the brand?Why or why not?

Step eight: Credibility
>> Did the branding seems credible?Why or why not?

Step nine: Objectivity
>> Did the branding seems objective in addresing the purpose of design.Why or why not?

Step ten: Reaction to unwanted stuff
>> What were the participants reactions to unwanted sections on the application.Did they prefer to have something that is not present in the current design.

Step eleven: Branding location
>> Which area of the design participants prefer to be used for branding.Did they prefer the top leftmost corner or top rightmost corner,or even bottom in some exceptional cases.

Step twelve: Important participant quotes
>> Highlight important quotes made by participants in there own words.

In this way we can select the vsd that will be used for the final branding.The above questions will defenitely help to come up with branding solutions.
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